Wednesday, February 27, 2013

25-year-old Unmarried Danes Hate Cinnamon

25-year-old Unmarried Danes Hate Cinnamon

He doesn't seem to be enjoying it. I mean the one tied to the tree...
No, this is not from an action movie where they tie the agent to the tree and torture him. This was real! But no torturing... though he was tied to the tree. You might ask "What The Face"? What did the poor lad do? Well, he is just one of the 25-year-old umarried Danes! Simple like that. If you're scratching your head trying to figure out if you heard it right, that Denmark is a democratic country... Well, you did hear it right. Though
you should also remember that Danes used to be vikings centuries ago, and it seems like some of the barbaric traditions live on :)

Anyway, last Saturday we went to the birthday party of the guy you see in the pictures (by the way, he gave me his permission to post pics here). Let's call him K. So, K. turned 25 and though he lives with his great charming girlfriend, it didn't save him from what you can see above and below. 

It was a litle under 0 degrees and he got some cold water. Brr!
The party was cool. We were around 70 people. The food was too good! The decorations were beautiful. So everything seemed to be normal and in order. UNTIL it was time for K. to get kanel (cinnamon). That's where it went wild...

They tied the "guilty" unmarried man to the tree and poured cold water over him. Afterwards they started a blowing machine filled with cinnamon! Ouch! I'm happy I was in Russia when I turned 25 and was still unmarried. Yes! They do it to women as well! After all, Denmark has Jantelov. Everyone should be treated equally.

Well, back to the party or should I say feast?
Anyway, it was my first time when I tasted cinnamon with my eyes /blur All the others did, too.

Including K. That's how he looked like a few seconds later.

And that is how much he enjoyed it...
Do you think he's trying to thank the guy??
Make sure you still read my blog in five years. 'Cause if K. is still unmarried when he turns 30, he's gonna get pepper! Yees! They really punish you here for not getting married "in time". Though the statistics show some Contradictory Results

Well, in general the party was absolutely great! I really enjoyed it, and I'm glad I could see this cinnamon show with my own eyes, while I only heard about before.

BTW!!! They were sympathetic enough to give K. a spray mask when he was tied to the tree "at gunpoint" :)

What do you think about the tradition? Do you find it too barbaric? Or do you think it's a great idea to make Danes consider marriage earlier and more often? 

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