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What you need to apply for a residence permit

In order to apply for a residence permit in Denmark you should fall into one of the categories below:

 - you've got a job in Denmark (DK) and signed a contract with your employer
 - you study in Denmark
 - you apply for asylum
 - you want to reunite with your family members (mother, children, husband, wife...)
 - you're an au pair in DK

I'll tell you my story here and that is case 4 here or "family reunification." If it doesn't apply to you, you should visit The Danish Immigration Service. However, should you not find all the information you are looking for, feel free to ask your question in the comments below.

So my story started...........
some years ago when I worked for my future husband (Danish as you might guess) as his translator. I'd been to Denmark a few times starting from 2008 till 2012 on a short-term visa, and later on a yearly visa. To get that one go to the Danish Consulate in your city or region.

In 2012 we got married and that's when I got busy. Actually it happened before.

In order to get married to a Danish citizen in Denmark you should first of all have a Schengen visa in order to stay in Denmark. You should keep in mind that the process can take time, which means your visa should be valid for some longer time (why? see under the numbered points).
So, you  must have the following documents:

  1. your passport (for Russian citizens foreign passport)
  2. paper stating your marital status from you local authority that marries people or has the relevant authority to issue the paper (ZAGS - ЗАГС in Russia). (Are you Russian? Check out on more details at the end of this post!)
  3. Apostille on the paper stating your marital status. You can get it at the Ministry of Justice or at the ZAGS (Are you Russian? Check out on more details at the end of this post!) 
  4. translation of the paper stating your marital status into Danish or Englsih by !!! an authorized translator OR the translation has to be notarized (in Russia for example). Personally I sent scanned copies of the paper to Danish authorized translators at Aida Sprog and got it translated into Danish. You prepay and in a few days you get your translation in your post box - easy and reliable.
  5. your birth certificate
  6. translation of your birth certificate into Danish or English agian by !!! an authorized translator OR the translation has to be notarized (in Russia for example). Here I also used Aida Sprog
  7. application for marriage filled in at the Danish kommune (municipality) where you're planning to get married. One should be filled by you, the other by your future spouse. You can also ask them right there when you can get married, date and time
When getting married forget everything about papers and hustle, relax and enjoy! You're finally marrying your only one! :)

As I've mentioned above, the procedure can take time. The thing is that you cannot stay in Denmark just because you have a Danish spouse. For that you need to get a residence permit - opholdstilladelse. Therefore, apply for your residence permit as soon as you've got married, 'cause this application will give you the right to stay legally in Denmark (and believe me, you don't want to do anything illegal!) until you get a reply from The Danish Immigration Service

BTW!!! Reply regarding your getting or not getting of the residence permit can take up to four months!!! But this is another story, which I'm going to tell you in my new post next Saturday.

Are you Russian? Here are more details for you:
2. Paper stating your marital status. You should get izveschenie formy 35 (they know it in ZAGS. Just tell them you need it to be sumbitted abroad). To get it you have to come to the ZAGS personally, bring your national passport and 100rub (in October 2012). BE AWARE of the fact that in Russia ZAGS offices do not have any mutual data base, which means that if you got married in Moscow or any other place, the ZAGS let's say in Voronezh will never know about it unless you tell them. Therefore, better ask the kommune (municipality) where you're planning to get married in Denmark, whether you need to have the paper notarized! It might not be the case because you will have the apostille, but better be on the safe side.

3. Apostille. You can get it in the ZAGS office in the main city of the oblast (oblastnoi tsentr, like Moscow, Belgorod, Voronezh, etc.). In October 2012 it cost 1500rub. You can read more here (information is in Russian) and here (in Russian).

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