Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Does Your Lovely Pet feel Abroad?

How Does Your Lovely Pet feel Abroad?

Kisyonysh loves playing with anything she sees in front of her

How much do you love your pet? Are you ready to take you pet with you abroad if you have a chance to do it? Are you ready to go through all the veterinary and paper stuff to bring your lovely miaowing or whoofing or doing other stuff pet with you to your new home? If the answer yes, I am so much on the same planet with you! :) If not, I can also understand that. 

This is how Kisyonysh looked like in the first months of her life
My fluffy girl had already lived with me for 4,5 years in Russia, when I decided on moving abroad. My mom told me that I could just leave Kisyounysh (yes, that's her name!) with her, and she'll take care of the cat. But my goodness!
I didn't want to say "goodbye" to my kitty, who is not just a cat to me, but many different things. Luckily my husband (back then boyfriend) loves her too, so there was no problem there. 

Even though I had a full-time job and had to take care of everything regarding my moving, I found time and wish to clarify all the paper and veterinary issues, flight "ticket", etc. for Kisyonysh (I'm going to tell you all the details re moving your cat from Russia to Denmark in 2 weeks. If you have some urgent questions, just leave your e-mail address in the comments below or write to me on Google+ (the button "I'm on Google +. Add to circles" is below). 
She likes crawling under the bedsheet

Well, Kisyonysh actually took all the moving around and the flight extremely well! She feels home in Denmark and even started to go outside once in a while :)

Now every day when I look at her, I get convinced again and again that it was all worth it! Just look at this lovely creature. How can you leave it behind? :) 

BTW!!!  I got Kisyonysh from my friend 5 years ago. One of the best presents ever, and it was not even my birthday :)

What about you? Would you take your pet with you to live abroad?

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