Monday, March 18, 2013

Share Your Knowledge and Experience in Denmark!

I’m going to make a presentation in our language school for foreigners in Denmark. We should choose the topic ourselves. I want to talk about how to stay open and positive in the new culture. Because I can see how many people get dragged down by new things they don't understand or refuse to.

For that I want to share my own experience, observations and ideas + give the other students ideas on which books they’d better read to understand Danes, their culture, traditions, workplace culture and so on.

So I've started gathering tips everywhere I can and would like to ask you, my readers, to add up to my short list below. It can be an online book, as well as a paper one. Please share a link if it’s an e-book. Short descriptions are more than welcome. It can be in English, Danish or/and Russian (please state the language).

Please advise only those books that you have read or those you were told about/recommended by a reliable source.
This list will help a lot of expats in Denmark! I’d very much appreciate your contribution :)

Here is what I can come up with now.

Paper books:
1. The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark by German writer Dagmar Fink, who’s been living in Denmark for many years now (in English). I read this book when I’ve already been to Denmark a few times and just before moving here. It helped me a lot. For ex., I realized why my at-that-time-boyfriend behaved in a certain way :)

2. Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish workplace culture again by Dagmar Fink (in English). Reading it now and so happy to have started it before I’ve found a job in Denmark. It simply broadens your mind in terms of what Danes are at work and what the Danish economy is.

3.         Your suggestions? :)

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