Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Foods Do You Miss From Back Home?

What Foods Do You Miss From Back Home?

A few weeks ago a Russian friend of mine came and visited me. What do you think she brought from mother Russia?? :) Sguschenka! Yeah! I'm absolutely sure Russians and Ukrainians know exactly what I mean :) For the readers from other countries a short explanation.

Sguschenka is a special milk product which Lena (i.e. me) has loved all her life and can't find in Denmark /wahaha

Ok, now seriously. Sguschenka or sguschennoe moloko is actually condensed milk which we
eat quite a lot in Russia. I especially love it with pancakes.

 Anyway this small surprise my friend brought from my home country,           made me think of all the other foods I miss from back home. For  example, I LOVE tvorog (kind of curd) and grechka (buckwheat) and I miss these products.

I know that when my husband, who is Danish, lived in Russia he missed remoulade (some special dressing in Denmark), rugbrød (rye bread with a lot of different kinds of seeds) and many other things.

So, I got to think about why we miss foods from our home countries when we live abroad. Is it just the taste we're thinking about when we say "I miss buckwheats", or is there actually more to it? Is it because the taste of the foods you can't find in your new country brings you back home, or reminds you of childhood, or keeps you going when things go wrong for you at your new place? 

What I know is that when I was eating the sguschenka my friend brought, I did not merely enjoy the taste of it, I also thought of Russia, of my Mom, of my school days and even such a small thing as the jar itself with Russian letters on it. It was a great feeling to have one of your best friends from back home sitting in front of you, chatting with her and enjoying sguschenka together :)

BTW!!! I heard there is a Russian store in a German city on the boarder with Denmark. Have to check it out one day!

What about you? What foods do you miss from back home? Why do you miss them?

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