Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Name Change in Denmark

Name Change in Denmark 

You got married in Denmark (details are here) and want to have your spouse's last name? Or do you just want to have a new name? Then I recommend you to read further on.

First of all, you are not allowed to change your name before you obtain your residence permit (opholdstilladelse) and a CPR-number

If you are lucky and have got these within three months after the registration of your marriage, hurry up and
change your last name right away. The thing is that if you apply for the name change when the three-months' peiod is over, you'll have to pay DKK 490!! Sounds crazy, but true.

Now the thing that I did not expect at all. Where do you think you get your name changed? 

In the church! I can only repeat: "Those funny Danes" :)

To get the procedure started, call you local church / priest and ask them for the application form. You should also ask them what papers you should send or bring together with the filled out form. This is what I was asked for:

* filled out form
* birth certificate
* translation of the birth certificate
* residence permit (opholdstilladelse)

I got the new name around 10 days after I'd applied.

Remember that once you've changed your name, you need to change your documents. Here is the list of the most important ones:

- CPR-number (yes, once again)
- Driving license
- Credit card(s)
- Passport (if you have two, national and international, then both)

The International Passport you can change in the consulate of your country in Copenhagen. 

The Russian national passport can only be changed in Russia.

BTW!!! If you got married in Denmark, remember to get your marriage acknowledged in your own country. Read about it later in my blog.

When I called the Russian consulate in Denmark to ask some questions, the woman there asked me: "Why did you decide to change your last name at all? You have to take care of all this paper work now." Well, for me it's important and I have my reasons. What about you? Would you like to take your spouse's last name? If yes, what are your reasons?

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