Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quality of Life. Progressive?

Once again a task at our language school gave me inspiration to write a post. We were supposed to write about Quality of Life (Livskvalitet); what it is for us and why we find those characteristics important.

Serious topic, ain't? :)

Honestly I had no idea what to start from. First, I had to figure out what the quality of life is in general, what stands behind this term. I think this short explanation gives quite a good overview over the term. 

Now when I knew an overall meaning, I had to find my own. But so many things were on my mind! I couldn't figure out how to put them together and explain to the others.

I really had to focus /sweat

“Focus is the key to the world.” 
- William Dinsmore III

Then it hit me. Focus! Of course! Focus on the present, be here and now, live this moment. That's the quality of life! Which surely has a lot of "subqualities", as I decided to call them.

I would especially name such subqualities as:
  • Health. Keep yourself healthy. Eat healthy food, run, do yoga, skiing and/or other stuff that calls to you
  • Creativity. We all have a need to create, whether it is a painting or a poem or a new dish, anything. Some of us are not aware of this need and ability inside us. The more we create, the more we give to ourselves, to the world and to others, and therefore the more connected we feel with the world around us.
  • Financial well-being. Sure, money is a very material issue and it might seem a little inappropriate to mention it in the context. But we have to admit that money is an important part of our life. The thing to be aware of here, is how you earn your money and how you spend it

Accept. Acceptance so much defines your quality of life. Acceptance of yourself, of others around you, of the situation you're in, of the political and economical situation in the world, etc.

"The first step toward change is awareness.
The second step is acceptance" 
- Nathaniel Branden

Photo: Kent Nielsen
No fear. Do not be afraid of what future may bring, open up for new chances and new opportunities. Do not let your failures (see acceptance above) define your attitude. Do not let your FB Glasses, i.e. glasses of False Belief, stay in your way. FB Glasses is the term created by Josh Becker. I discovered it for myself only yesterday and thought: "Yes! That's the thing!"

Live your life fully. This would mean everything together: focus on the present, accept, be healthy, creative, earn honest money and do not let fear in your life. Let the Sun shine! Embrace the moment, live and enjoy!

That's how I see the quality of life. Let's see what our teacher will say :) Though this post is written a few days after I handed in the task and is a little bit modified.

BTW!!! It just dawned on me right now. Is our vision of what quality of life is, progressive? Only a few days have passed and I've managed to see new sides to it...

What do you think? How would you define Quality of Life?

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